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Teacher Support BECOMING A Educify TEACHER

We connect teachers with new local and online students. Educify connects students with private instructors all over the country. As one of our teaching partners, you'll create a sweet online profile, choose the subjects you teach, set your prices and availability, and bam--your opportunity for new students grows exponentially. You can choose to Educify wherever you like (your home, studio, a coffee shop, library, park, etc.), including online (via video chat) or traveling to student locations. In addition to your professional profile, we also provide awesome tools to make managing your business a total breeze.

Get paid weekly via direct deposit

We manage all lesson related billing for students sent to you by Educify. We remit weekly payments to your bank account via direct deposit for all lessons marked during that pay period. We do not pay via check. When you set up your Educify profile and get your first student you'll be asked to add your banking information, including your account and routing numbers. In order to receive payment from Educify you must have a valid U.S. bank account. All information is stored securely, and allo

There are no monthly subscriptions costs for posting your profile on educify and getting started is 100% free. The only service fee we charge is when we deliver a paid student to you who is signed up and ready to take lessons.

Once we place a student with you and you start teaching, we will automatically deduct our service fee from your earnings and remit the balance to you each week (happy pay day!). Our fee decreases over time so the more lessons you teach a student, the more you'll earn for teaching that student (up to 90% of the student's lesson price).

For every new student you receive after January 1st, 2015, you'll receive a 10% rate increase for every 5 lessons you teach, starting at 60% of that student’s lesson price. After your student's 15th lesson, you'll continually earn 90% of their lesson price.

This rewards awesome teachers who inspire students to keep learning! We're really excited to help you increase your earnings.

Teacher Support OUR POLICIES

At educify, both teachers and students are required to follow certain guidelines when using our Website and Service(s).
As a Provider, you are required to:
Let Educify handle the billing for all lessons (initial and subsequent lessons) for all students provided by educify, for as long as you work with them
Maintain accurate information regarding location, availability and services offered

Render services at the rate established at the time of booking

Honor scheduling policies as agreed to by you and your students

Log into your account every 60 days to keep your account active and have the opportunity for new students to book lessons with you
Not possess, use, sell, or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while conducting instruction (unless you are teaching mixology lessons and all students are over 21 years old)

We require students to purchase lessons prior to signing up for lessons with you. Based on the lesson subject we offer a handful of different "starter" packages, which vary in size. Below is a general overview of the standard packages offered and the minimum number of lessons a student must purchase to get started. Please be aware that from time to time we may offer a special promotion that will allow certain students to sign up for a smaller package of lessons than our standard package offering.

After the initial lesson package is purchased, students can either pay for lessons individually if on our Schedule As You Go plan, or if on a Recurring Schedule they will be billed for the number of lessons scheduled for the upcoming month.

We follow a 24 hour cancellation policy

All educify students are expected to give their teachers at least 24 hours notice of a lesson cancellation to be eligible for a reschedule. If you do not receive proper notice, ultimately it is at your discretion how to mark the lesson. Marking the lesson as Missed pays you for your time and the student forfeits the paid lesson. Canceling the lesson will allow the student to reschedule the lesson; they will keep their paid lesson credit and you will not get paid for this particular lesson.

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